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Monday, October 28, 2013

Poison Pill

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The New Book I Am reading Very Interesting so far just a little Tease of whats to come 

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This book is like no other that I have EVER READ!!!!!! It is HOT, SEXY, THRILLING, AND KEEPS ME TURNING THE PAGE. Can not wait to finish to do a full review and Kaplan Has agreed to answer a few questions for us!!! More to come I promise This!! 

Claimed Stacey Kennedy

Hello Every one Yes I know It has been a while since I wrote a review But never the less I am BACK!!!!! 

So as you can see by the Awesome Picture This is about Claimed By Stacey Kennedy. This is a Erotic BDSM novel with a touch of faithful love in it. Claimed Sucked me in after only the first three pages.. This was different from all the other BDSM books I have read.  This one went as far as to describe different types of BDSM only two. This Book talks about being a Submissive But only in the bedroom or in the book The dungeon.  I give this book a 5 star rating on Amazon and Goodreads.  If I had to pick any part of the book that I would say I liked the most I would have to say for starters I like the way Dimitri call's Presley "Doll"  Than the best part of the book would have to be the last six chapters of the book. During these chapters Dimitri punishes Presley for leaving his bed while he is asleep by taking her into the game room with all the other Masters and makes her strip in front of all of them knowing she does not like public humliation, which striping in front of 5 guys is not humiliating what comes next pushes presley to a point that Master Dimitri was hoping for he puts her on for a show in the dungeon with out letting her know ahead of time after the scene was all done which I will be nice and not spoil it for you but After the scene she asks to please change one of her soft limits. Which One? You ask. well you will just have to read the book to find out. BUT that's not even the best part thats only the beginning to the best after words they go on a date and run into Presley's ex boyfriend and Master Dimitri see's something in Presley that he knows he must change for the better of her he realized that she was submissive not just in the bedroom but all over having to please everyone and not herself so for their next scene he pushes her limits to far and I thought it was the end for the two of them he reminded her that he did not break any of her hard limits but came close. close enough to get her so mad that she stood up for her self which is what he wanted. He needed to see if she could and she did once she realized what he did she calmed down than after words a few days later during the week she found her self in a situation that she needed to push through that wall again and that was where her training in the scene came in to place and more likely saved her life but in the end her Master shows up and helps save the day. It was the perfect beginning  to a great series and I hope to See More from Stacey I would really like to see what happens to the two of them and hope a new book is coming soon. 

Until next read I will see you guys I am Off to Read yet another Hot Sexy Thriller!!!!!! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am still here

Hey everyone just wanted to say No I did not give up on the blog or reviews this past month has just been very complicated with Kayla's fundraiser that we are doing and than she had surgery and ended up in the hospital for a few weeks but I have been reading ALOT and will have some Great reviews coming out very soon I just want to finish up the book I am on and than will start writing there will be about three if not five of them hope you all will look forward to it I know I am