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This is where you can come and see who’s going to be showing up on Ashley’s Addictive Book Blog. I will be adding to this all the time so check back often.
July 2014 

  • July 7th INVICTA By Piper Kay 
  • July 8th Hollywood Sins By N.K Smith 
  • July 9th Pieces Of Broken Time By Lorenz Font
  • July 10th The Stars Are Falling By Michelle Birbeck
  • July 11th Mercy Row Clann By Harry Hallman 
  • July 14th Angel Omega By Brandon Godbee 
  • July 15th Tempting Tatum By Kaylee Ryan (NEW) 
  • July 16th  Ruthless People By J.J McAvoy 
  • July 17th Trading Lies By Amanda Chayse (NEW)
  • July 18th Behind the Scandal By M.A Stacie 
  • July 21st Stray By Natasha Stories (NEW)
  • July 22nd Daddy's Game By Normandie Allerman (NEW)
  • July 23rd The Wives of Beverly Row By Abby Weeks (NEW)
  • July 24th 12 Doors of Ecstasy By John Tucker (NEW) 
  • July 25th Naughty Box 2 Box Set By various Authors (NEW) 
  • July 28th Destructive By  LU Ann ( NEW ) 
  • July 29th Hourglass By K.S Smith  (NEW)
  • July 30th The Little Girl You Kissed Goodnight By John Tucker (NEW)
  • July 31st Passion And Property By Elise De Sallier 

August 2014 

  • August 1st The Well House by M. S Matssa 
  • August 2nd  Ashley's Addictive Book Blog 1 year Blogiversary 
  • August 4th The Shadow Series By Marni Mann
  • August 5th Seeking Scandal 
  • August 6th Ready to Love Again By Annalyse Knight 
  • August 7th Anniversary Killer By Alexandra Allred
  • August 8th The Flip By Michael Phillip Cash 
  • August 11th Oceans Collide By M.A DeOlmos 
  • August 12th One Hot Second By Stacy Gail (NEW)
  • August 13th The Moments series By Marie  Halls 
  • August 14th The Land of the Shadow By Lissa Bryan
  • August 15th Until the Stars Fall By Mary Crawford (NEW)  
  • August 18th Acadia's Laws (NEW)
  • August 19th Slapshot of Love By Gary Pearson 
  • August 20th The Seeker Series By Ditter Kleen (NEW)
  • August 21st Zombified By Maggie LaCroix 
  • August 22nd Daddy Morebucks By Normandie Alleman
  • AUgust 25th Fate's Mistake By Brandace Morrow ( NEW )
  • August 26th The Girl In Whit Pajamas By Chris Birdy 
  • August 28th Crossing the Line By Sherri Hayes 

September 2014 

  • September 4th As Darkness Gathers By Emma Elliot 
  • September 22nd The Bone Whistle By K.B Hoyle 

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