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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cover Reveal for Past Demons By A.L Kessler

Cover Reveal For 
The Dark War Chronicles Book 4 
Past Demons 

With her freedom stolen from her by the Father, Tegan had never lived a life of her own. Whisked away to be a bound human to Lucius, she never knew what it was like to have a mate to love and cherish her. Now after losing three hundred years of memories, Tegan needs to rediscover everything she’s worked for and learn every lesson again, but this time something is different. Kaden claims that he is her fated mate.

The reason for Kaden’s exile from the Demon world is no secret: he beheaded his own king. The one thing that makes his exile bearable is being close to Tegan. When Tegan returns he knows he finally has his chance to make her his, but two people stand in his way: Lucius and Tegan’s brother, Zaaren.

The war rages on. With the rumor that someone has raised the Father and the Originals showing signs of waking, the bloodshed will only get worse.

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and steampunk author

residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager

she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at

the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two

black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, training a

playful puppy named Zelda, playing with her daughter, or killing

creepers and mining all the things with her husband of 4

years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or

writing in her Blog Writing Rambles.

Past Demons will be released on February 16th 2015 you can add to your Goodreads list now on your to be read list!  

In the Light of the Moon (FREE in ebook)

Audiobook: http://
A shifter with no control...

As a panther shifter stripped of her control Kassity has no choice but to be a killer for Lucius. Obeying the vampire was simply her way of life. Until Jaxon comes to town, bring trouble with him. When she recognizes Jaxon as her fated mate, Kassity must deal with betrayal, secrets and Lucius in order to be with him.

A war rages on...

Jaxon must decide who he is fighting for and against. What started as a simple job turns into a complicated game of hearts when he meets Kassity, the woman he thought he was rescuing.

But not everything is as it seems in Lucius' territory...

Dance In the Moonlight


Blurb: Renee’s life had been normal until the shadows reappeared and the legendary stone was sent to her. As the arrival drags her further into the paranormal world, the last thing Renee expects is to be swept off her feet by a brooding werewolf.

Yet Coran captures her heart and attention. Small problem—he doesn't want a mate. Coran still suffers from the loss of his first mate, but when Renee is attacked by shifters he is forced to protect her at all costs. Things heat up when he realizes fate has wickedly granted him a second chance at love. With the war causing the body count to rise, now is not the ideal time to find a mate.

The Circle is becoming desperate and something has Lucius worried which means trouble for his followers. It's a dance between danger and fate in this second installment of the Dark War Chronicles.

On Torn Wings


Blurb: A Hunter

Danielle is on a mission to take down a killer, when all signs point to vampire she recruits Orion to help. Bribing him with information on the Fae Queen who stole his crown takes her further into the supernatural world than she wanted. Working side by side, they start to realize there is more there than a forced work relationship, but Orion is still pining over the disappearance of Tegan.

A missing human

Tegan’s kidnapping is taking a toll on the whole territory, Lucius is losing his sanity and the war has taken a turn for the worst. Fed up with the chaos Orion seeks to escape the territory, but other than death there’s only one other option —taking back his crown. After centuries of working under the vampire Danielle offers him the chance and ability to take his rightful place.

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In the Light of the Moon:
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On Torn Wings:



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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dark War Chronicles Blog Tour By A.L. Kessler

A Dark War Chronicles Series
By: A.L. Kessler
Hosted By: Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions

Blog Tour October 13th - 17th

 A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and steampunk author 

residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager 


loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at 

the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two 

black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, training a 


puppy named Zelda, playing with her daughter, or killing 

creepers and mining all the things with her husband of 4 

years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or 

writing in her Blog Writing Rambles.

Published work: In the Light of the Moon (DWC #1)- Novel

The Touch of Night (DWC #0.5) Note: This short story is not required to read to understand the over all arc of the story.
In the Light of the Moon (DWC #1) Kassity's & Jaxon's Book
Dance in the Moonlight (DWC #2) Renee's & Coran's Book
On Torn Wings (DWC #3) Orion's & Dani's Book
Past Demons (DWC #4) Tegan's Book, Due out Feb 2015

In the Light of the Moon (FREE in ebook)

A shifter with no control...

As a panther shifter stripped of her control Kassity has no choice but to be a killer for Lucius. Obeying the vampire was simply her way of life. Until Jaxon comes to town, bring trouble with him. When she recognizes Jaxon as her fated mate, Kassity must deal with betrayal, secrets and Lucius in order to be with him.

A war rages on...

Jaxon must decide who he is fighting for and against. What started as a simple job turns into a complicated game of hearts when he meets Kassity, the woman he thought he was rescuing.

But not everything is as it seems in Lucius' territory...


 Footsteps echoed behind her, she spun in time to see a blur fly towards her and knock her to the ground. Air rushed from her lungs, but she managed to recover and rolled. Pinning the stranger to the ground with a hand to his throat, she met his gaze, sky blue eyes set in a soft face. The almost-too-delicate-for-a-male jaw line was sun kissed, and that amazing tan continued to the chiseled line of his abs and the delicious view disappeared into a pair of faded blue jeans. Kass licked her lips as the idea of tracing her tongue up his chest crossed her mind.
“Hey princess, eyes are up here.” He grumbled, putting an arm between them and pushing her off.
She didn’t fight him as she backed off and raised her eyes to meet his again. Now his shaggy light brown hair, a tad too dark to call blond, shadowed them, making the blue look darker. The panther in her urged Kass to nuzzle the stranger in front of her as they recognized the scent. “You’re a panther.”
“Just like you.” He nodded giving her a slow, sexy grin that showed just a hint of teeth with enough attitude to make a woman melt. “Do you pin every cat you meet to the ground?”
She snorted and looked away, toying with a strand of her hair. “Only the ones who pounce me first.”
He sat up and leaned in close to her. “I was just excited to see a female cat. Lucius said that there were none.”
Her cat tried to rush to the surface and caused Kass to stiffen as it hit the block in her. “He apparently had no intentions of us meeting, because he never mentioned you either.”
“I’m Jaxon.” He leaned in and nuzzled her neck in a classic greeting. She sighed against him, taking in his scent and missing the type of contact he offered.
She returned the greeting, rubbing against him, “Kassity.” The longer she touched him the more her beast hesitated against the block in her, calming and edging back to wherever it hid inside her.
“My beast rises to your touch.” He whispered with his lips against her cheek.
Heat tinted her face red. “And yours calms mine.” Panic crept up on her as she struggled to breathe, his scent overwhelming her. She scooted away from him, the wet grass soaking through her pants. He crawled towards her the muscles in his arms moving like liquid grace. He peered up at her through his shaggy hair.
She expected to see hurt in his eyes, but they were narrow and calculating how to get what he wanted. Her. She froze when she felt her beast collide with the block inside her, knowing that it was Jax’s beast that called to her. Clenching her fists, she fought against the instinct to call to him and his cry of need. As she closed her eyes, she tried to find her fading connection with the cat inside her, tried to control and channel it. The want to run in fear of the male overcame the beast and tried to force its way out. 
Kass’ jaw tightened as he moved closer. He straddled her legs and kissed her. Parting her lips with his tongue caused her cat to hesitate. Her body tightened in all the right places as she melted into the kiss and allowed him access to her mouth. She pulled her legs under her to get closer to him. He moved so he knelt in front of her and cradled her face with his big hands. Her beast settled against the block, content with the connection.
The tingling of happiness broke when their lips were ripped apart. Kass opened her eyes just in time to see Lucius throw Jaxon a few yards away. Kass swallowed and backed away from the vampire while Jaxon let out an inhuman snarl, but remained where he was.
Lucius glared at him. “Stand down cat, she isn’t yours.”
“That’s not your choice.” Jaxon stood. “If our beasts-“
“Your beasts will not be meeting again.” Lucius spun to Kass. “Room. Now.”
She opened her mouth to protest, but when she met the narrow pure black eyes of Lucius she thought better. She stole one last look at the male panther before running back to the mansion.

Review Of The Dark War Chronicles: In The Light Of The Moon By A.L.Kessler 

Reviewed By Ashley Haines @ Ashley's Addictive Book Blog

In the Light of the Moon (Dark War Chronicles #1)In the Light of the Moon by A.L. Kessler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story is a great start to a nice series. however I feel the story ended abruptly I think more could have been said on Jax and Kass I liked the happy ending with the couple but it just ended without any closing than again this is a series and I do not know what's going to happen next I look forward to starting the next book in the series and feel as if I will not be disappointed. A.L Kessler has taken a genre and ran with it giving it her own flare. I loved how the story was about different types of supernatural creatures that we may have never considered  being such as Kass. I am now signing off to go read the next book in the series thanks for following me and my reviews. Let me know if they help you by liking and commenting on them thanks again.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Genre: NA Romance
Author: L.A. Rose
Release Date: November 15th, 2014


Glass-doll beauty. A shy, proper smile. Georgette Montgomery is the perfect billionaire’s fiancé.

Or she would be, if she existed.

A dark past. A smile that hides everything. At nineteen, Rae Grove escapes her disaster life by pretending to be other people—specifically, whoever the man paying her that night wants her to be.

Until she’s offered enough money for a one-way ticket to a better life. All she has to do is fly to Paris and pretend to be the fiancé of young business tycoon Cohen Ashworth for one month. Within an hour of meeting Cohen, Rae knows three things about him:

1. He hates everyone and everything.

2. He has abundant wit and a knife-sharp tongue.

3. He uses 2 to make everyone aware of 1.

Before long, Rae’s determined to crack open his unbreakable shell. Cohen’s determined to stay unbroken. 

But no one escapes unscathed when two opposite worlds collide.


“So you want me to change.” His jaw is taut.

“You need to change, or you’re not going to get what you want.” He needs to hear it. “And you’re going to be miserable your whole life—”

“I don’t know how to change!” he yells.

I stop, half-expecting the divider separating us from the driver to roll down, but it doesn’t. We’re still alone in the backseat. I should be afraid, I should be recoiling the way I do whenever a man raises his voice to me. But when I reach for the fear, I don’t find it.

All I find is…pity?

“I know what I am. What I’m like.” His voice cracks, just slightly, but he masters it. “If I could be different, I would. Do you understand that? I’m not like you. I can’t slip on someone else’s persona like changing my clothes.”

That stupid twinge of pity turns into a full-fledged needle. I’m very familiar with that shadow in his voice, because it’s been in my heart for years. Self-loathing. At least I can escape myself by being other people. He doesn’t even have that luxury.

Stop it, Rae. Don’t you dare feel sorry for him. He has everything you’ve ever wanted, remember?

“That’s bullshit,” I say bluntly. “You can change. Anyone can change. No matter how long they’ve been…bad. No matter what their past is like.”
 I have to believe that.
 “Show me.”
 He turns his full gaze directly on me, and I lose myself for a brief second in those ice eyes. “Show me how to be someone else. You do it so easily. You’re getting paid enough, I might as well get some use out of you.”
 “You mean like…give you nice lessons?”
 He grimaces. “I’d rather we didn’t call it that.”
 “Well…” I hesitate.
 “Please,” he says emotionlessly. And if I had to bet on it, I’d say it was damn near the first time that word had passed through those perfect lips.
About the author:

L.A. Rose recently made it out of college alive and with an English degree. She's a habitual beach bum, a cuteness aficionado, and a not-quite-recovered romance addict. She's a big believer in laughter as medicine and steaminess as...more medicine. You can never have enough medicine. Her next new adult book, Icy Pretty Love, will be out 11/15/2014.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When I Dream Of You By Rose Sophia Release day Blitz


Nina Archer battles memories of a trauma that occurred twelve years ago. With plans to move to North Carolina, she hopes to separate herself from her mother, whose excessive drinking is becoming unbearable. Then suddenly, fate steps in to help her heal in a way she would never think possible. While running a race in Juno Beach, Nina finds herself next to a man whom she’s immediately attracted to. Wes Ladner, the same man she dreamt about one year ago. Wes is focused on his writing, and has no time for a woman. But the night before they met, he dreamt of Nina. Although they come from two very different worlds neither of them can deny the sparks that fly between them. As her time runs out to make a decision, Nina wonders if she’s been given the chance to come to terms with her past, and accept a gift that some never receive—true love.

Buy Links

 Limitless Publishing:

About the Author

Rosa Sophia divides her time between South Florida and Pennsylvania. She edits for publishers and independent clients, holds a degree in Automotive Technology, and enjoys running, hiking, collecting comic books, and traveling.

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Escapades By Sasha Sayles Blog Tour

Escapades Blog Tour 
By Sasha Sayles 

Blog Tour Dates 
October 20th -  October 31st 

Escapades is a fast moving sexy collection of romantic short stories that will light up your life for many nights to come.  It's erotica meets Chicken Soup for the Soul…. and it is juicy!

Also available on Itunes 

“Do any of us know what to look for?” Layla asked.
Dylan shrugged his shoulders. I can’t say for sure, but you know there’s this book that helped me. It’s called, ‘How to Love’, by Gordon Livingston, a psychiatrist out of Columbia, Maryland.
“How did the book help you?” Layla asked.
“I don’t know really, there was something about the way the author said to look for kindness, empathy and optimism in a prospective mate. Look for good character traits. He also talked about what personality types to avoid. It was just something about that book. Like it was a road map or something, a blue print.” Dylan said.
“So, what did he say to avoid.” Layla asked.
“You’d have to read it.” Dylan said, taking a sip of his water. “The main point he made is to gauge how you feel around people. He also said to be honest with yourself. The most important traits were genuine kindness and empathy. Oh, yeah, and he said to stay away from boring people.”
“Boring people? Is that right?” Layla laughed.
“Your fiancé, how did you know you loved him?"
I… I don’t know." Layla said. “I mean I love him. He’s great. We work. It’s time to get married.”
“Just like that.”
“Yeah, at 35, just like that.”
“It’s time.”
“Says who?”
“Says the part of me that wants a baby.”
Dylan smiled. The elevator was silent.
“You can use donor eggs.” Dylan said.
“Donor eggs, what do you know about some donor eggs. Are you a doctor?”
“Funny, you should ask. I am.”
“Yes, one of the med students runs the limo service to make money while he’s in school. Me and my boys fill in for him sometimes. And, well he knows I’m single, and when you called… “.
“Always plotting. Do y’all men ever quit?” Layla said smiling.
“I’m Chief Resident at Hopkins.”
“Is that so?”
“It is.”
“Will you specialize?”
“I will.”
“Here we go with the two-worders again.”
“Psychiatry. That’s my specialty. That’s how I know about Livingston.”
“Well, I guess I better get that book.” Layla said laughing.
The elevator was silent again.
“So, you’re getting married in three days to a great guy. Well, that’s… ah… great.” Dylan said.
“Yeah, I guess it is,” Layla said.
“Really, what is it about him?” Dylan asked, probing.
“I like him. I think he’s good for me. My family likes him. He’s got a great job. Why not? I want kids, soon, like I said. He’d make a great father.”
“So, just like that, huh?” Dylan continued.
“Well, I used to believe the heavens would open up and my heart would skip a beat. Now, though, I’m looking for someone who is kind, who has empathy. Someone I can be kind to as well. Someone who enjoys the same things I do. Someone who knows my faults and loves me anyway. Someone with whom I don’t have to be anyone but me. Someone with whom there’s not a lot of negotiating, just a lot of kind, loving acceptance.
“That is beautiful,” Layla said, staring out into the darkness. "So, how will you find that person?"
“That I don’t know.” Dylan laughed. “Who knows, maybe she will find me.”
"How’s your head?" He asked, changing the subject abruptly.
“Okay, I think. Layla said feeling the makeshift bandage Dylan had placed around her head.
“Here, lay your head on my lap." Dylan said.
Layla followed his orders. His lap was warm, welcoming. Soft, then hard… then harder and harder. Suddenly his enlarged penis nearly hit her in the head. She tried to rest. It kept pulsing, pulsing. Dylan didn't try to stop it. He put his hand on her head. Layla’s right hand instinctively moved to the sight of the pulsing. Before she knew it, she had his penis out of his Calvin Klein’s and was licking it from the base of his balls to the head of his hammer. It was thick like a soda can, and tasted like a milk chocolate Hershey bar. It had the most amazing taste. It was clean, and sweet.
Layla licked around the head, then back at the base where it all began. She took it in her mouth, then placed it slowly between her 38 DDs. She sucked it hard until he began to drip. Lick, drip, lick, lick, drip, drip. She couldn’t get enough. She steadied herself on her knees, pushed her ass up in the air, put her face straight down in the center of it, and got to business. When Dylan came, and he did… hard… complete. She made sure to take it all in her mouth. He fell back as she swallowed it. Layla licked her lips, realizing and wondering why she did not suck Wade’s penis that way. Why didn’t she relax that way with him? In that instant, she began to wonder whether she trusted Wade? Extraordinary sex, requires true surrender, vulnerability, honesty, truth. She remembered reading that somewhere. Did she trust Wade? She wondered again.
Just as Layla was wiping her mouth with her hands, light began to peek through the elevator doors. Bit by bit the light came in, until ...
“What the hell! Layla! Who is… ?” She heard Wade saying. Awe no… She heard Joi saying. “I knew it, and I ain’t mad at you!”
“I told you that crooked politician wasn't no good for you anyway.” Cynthia chimed in.
One of New Jersey’s finest, Officer Moses Elton, quickly inserted himself between the small opening in the elevator. “Step back, everybody. Step back. Calm down.” He said.
Come was still dripping down Layla’s mouth, and Dylan’s ten-inch dick was still at alert.

I feel compelled to do good with my writing - to create and deliver work that moves us forward as a society. 

Cheryl Taylor


Cheryl Taylor is an American writer, poet and Washington, DC-based attorney.

She was born Cheryl Elizabeth Moat in Media, PA to  a US Postal workers Geraldine and Donald Moat, a  letter carrier and a Korean War Veteran.  She began writing at 15 years old. Cheryl attended Nether Providence High School in Wallingford, PA, and Howard University School of Business, before earning her law degree at Howard University School of Law.  After law school, Cheryl worked as a Federal attorney for 14 years with various agencies.  Cheryl also worked with Mobil Oil Corporation and the University of Maryland at College Park.

While working as an attorney and raising a family, Cheryl continued writing.  Her first published work is Do I Stay in this Marriage? Smart Tools for Evaluating Your Relationship Right Now, published January 2012 (Re-named, Don't File Divorce Just Yet - What You Must Know First).  An audio program titled, The 2 Day Rehab Program, followed.  Her latest work is titled, Healing for Humanity - A Life Changing Devotional.  Her work can be found on her website at or on
Cheryl also published an Adult Fiction book in 2014, Escapades, under her pen name, Sasha Sayles.

Cheryl offers editing, book design and other writing services to authors through Cheryl Taylor She also offers a Young Writer's Camp to students during spring break and over the summer months.

In addition to writing, her passions include her family, writing, film, teaching, kayaking, travel and music.

She resides in the Washington, DC area with her two teenage sons, and may be reached at 

You Can follow Cheryl on her webpage at 

Follow The Tour 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

I Read The Book Because The Author Wrote It, Not Because Of Who Published It.

It has taken me days to be able to sit here and write this post, and well it just tears at my heart to have to be sitting here taking time away from reading and reviewing amazing books for you all But this This here has to be said. So for most of you who follow and read my posts let me say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. Now I am not sure how many that truly is but just know it means a lot to me.

So now on to my post. A while back I was introduced to an amazing Author, Woman, Mother to a wonderful little girl, And a Wife to an amazing supporting Husband. This lady who should remain anonymous sits at home being a mother and a wife first but than she is a author. This is how she makes money. as many bloggers and reviewers as well as authors out there know that the best way for a author to get sales are by us bloggers and reviewers who read and review as well as promoting their book. 

Now I have had my share of books I have read that I did not like and for the most part only a few was published. Than I had a few books that well lets face it I almost rewrote the book in my own words in a review. But I have come a long way since than. 

So you all know about Dear Authors post on  The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave Well I think that post was no way in the wrong at all. See they had the documentation to prove everything they said in that post so why would Ellora's Cave (EC) be mad? Well I can see why, Its bashing them making them look bad but as they always say it is what it is. Now the woman I know is a signed author with EC and Well I have a lot of books from a lot of authors at EC. The woman was so happy to get signed with them but in the 8 months she has barely gotten any where with them and as of a month ago they even gave her rights back to a MS they had of her's Which was amazing as it's being said that most authors are not getting their right's back now. Anyways thats someone elses story to tell not mine. The reason I am saying any of this at all is because well, it has come to my knowledge that now not only are bloggers and reviewers Bashing EC because of all this mess and drama. But they are bashing other bloggers and reviewers who are still reading and reviewing for signed authors that belong to EC. I do not know about you but this is what I feel needs to be said I read A book because the AUTHOR WROTE the book, NOT BECAUSE of who PUBLISHED THE BOOK. About a week ago I read a book from this amazing Author She was signed with EC Did i Mention she has only been signed 8 months she had no clue any of the drama was going down it is not her fault Any ways I read her book and i left an amazing 5 star review ( it has already been taken down sorry) in a 3 hour time frame i had 33 comments from 25 people well lets take a little trip down my blog here first off the most comments I have ever received on a blog post or review was like 1 or 2 3 at the most. so as I was getting these notifications on my phone that my post received a comment I was ecstatic now I could not check them right than and there as 20 of them came in a 30 min time frame  so by the time I managed to get to a computer and check all these comments I thought were going to be wow's and amazing type comments I was confronted with very distasteful comments saying I was wrong for supporting a company who wants to steel from Authors and what not. I have never in my time stole from an author and I never will. I guess its taking me a long time to understand what a Publishing company does and why it matters who published an authors book for them. Its not like i go to the book store and ask do you have any books from this publishing company? No I go in and I ask do you have any books from this Author or Can you order them for me if not? thats how I see it. 

So this post needs to come to an end because well it just really hurts that I had to take down a review that did not deserve to be taken down in the first place I want you all to know this I DO NOT CARE WHAT PUBLISHING COMPANY PUBLISHED A AUTHORS BOOK IF I READ IT I AM READING BECAUSE OF THE AUTHOR NOT THE PUBLISHING COMPANY. I will be re-posting my review in a few days and this time I DO NOT CARE what people say this is for the author you do not have to like the books i read but you also do not need to make distasteful comments as well. Please keep to your self if you have nothing nice to say. 

If I lose any of you as a follower I understand. I just needed to let this out 

Thank you if you are still with me and support me in this 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Till Death(#1, Logan's Lone star Series) Cover Reveal- Oct. 22nd

till death cover.jpg
Till Death(#1, Logan's Lonestar Series)
Cover Reveal- Oct. 22nd
Release Date: Nov. 10th

TILL DEATH (#1, Logan's Lonestar Heroes)


Dave Logan, owner of Deep Six Security, is stunned when former Dallas FBI head, Susan Whitmore, darkens his doorstep accusing him of being the cause of her losing her job. After hearing her situation, Dave feels something he never expects to feel--sorry for her. But he also knows any problems she had at the agency were all her own fault. The woman has a tongue so sharp it could rip a man to shreds, and had many times. There was a reason her agents dubbed her the Barracuda.

Although Dave needs agents in the worst way, and Susan, with an IQ higher than Einstein, better skills and more experience than any of his men, along with a master's degree in criminal justice, is more than qualified to be a member of his team, he just doesn't need the drama she and her mouth would bring to Deep Six . Even as his brain said no way though, his damned white-knight complex forces him to offer her a job as his temporary secretary.

Realizing he's made a huge mistake hiring her, Dave calls in favors to get her interviews to get her out of his office. Before he can get rid of her though, Dave gets a new case only Susan can help him with. A wealthy Dallas oilman and his trophy wife ordered a designer baby from a local fertility clinic, and the surrogate has gone missing with the baby. The couple wants Deep Six Security to investigate the facility and find the baby, but the only way Dave can do that is to get inside. To get inside his only option is to go undercover with Susan, posing as a wealthy married couple looking for a baby. What they find when they get to the spa-like compound is frightening. Payoffs, missing surrogates and young women being used as lab rats are just the tip of the iceberg.

Can two alpha personalities, both used to being in charge, work together long enough to figure out what's going on at the clinic, or will they kill each other before the bad guys at the facility have a chance? If they're lucky, perhaps the delicious friction between them will turn into something so hot the place spontaneously combusts, or maybe if they're luckier it will turn into something which might just last till death do them part.

Cover and promo photos by:

Author Links: