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Monday, October 27, 2014

I Read The Book Because The Author Wrote It, Not Because Of Who Published It.

It has taken me days to be able to sit here and write this post, and well it just tears at my heart to have to be sitting here taking time away from reading and reviewing amazing books for you all But this This here has to be said. So for most of you who follow and read my posts let me say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. Now I am not sure how many that truly is but just know it means a lot to me.

So now on to my post. A while back I was introduced to an amazing Author, Woman, Mother to a wonderful little girl, And a Wife to an amazing supporting Husband. This lady who should remain anonymous sits at home being a mother and a wife first but than she is a author. This is how she makes money. as many bloggers and reviewers as well as authors out there know that the best way for a author to get sales are by us bloggers and reviewers who read and review as well as promoting their book. 

Now I have had my share of books I have read that I did not like and for the most part only a few was published. Than I had a few books that well lets face it I almost rewrote the book in my own words in a review. But I have come a long way since than. 

So you all know about Dear Authors post on  The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave Well I think that post was no way in the wrong at all. See they had the documentation to prove everything they said in that post so why would Ellora's Cave (EC) be mad? Well I can see why, Its bashing them making them look bad but as they always say it is what it is. Now the woman I know is a signed author with EC and Well I have a lot of books from a lot of authors at EC. The woman was so happy to get signed with them but in the 8 months she has barely gotten any where with them and as of a month ago they even gave her rights back to a MS they had of her's Which was amazing as it's being said that most authors are not getting their right's back now. Anyways thats someone elses story to tell not mine. The reason I am saying any of this at all is because well, it has come to my knowledge that now not only are bloggers and reviewers Bashing EC because of all this mess and drama. But they are bashing other bloggers and reviewers who are still reading and reviewing for signed authors that belong to EC. I do not know about you but this is what I feel needs to be said I read A book because the AUTHOR WROTE the book, NOT BECAUSE of who PUBLISHED THE BOOK. About a week ago I read a book from this amazing Author She was signed with EC Did i Mention she has only been signed 8 months she had no clue any of the drama was going down it is not her fault Any ways I read her book and i left an amazing 5 star review ( it has already been taken down sorry) in a 3 hour time frame i had 33 comments from 25 people well lets take a little trip down my blog here first off the most comments I have ever received on a blog post or review was like 1 or 2 3 at the most. so as I was getting these notifications on my phone that my post received a comment I was ecstatic now I could not check them right than and there as 20 of them came in a 30 min time frame  so by the time I managed to get to a computer and check all these comments I thought were going to be wow's and amazing type comments I was confronted with very distasteful comments saying I was wrong for supporting a company who wants to steel from Authors and what not. I have never in my time stole from an author and I never will. I guess its taking me a long time to understand what a Publishing company does and why it matters who published an authors book for them. Its not like i go to the book store and ask do you have any books from this publishing company? No I go in and I ask do you have any books from this Author or Can you order them for me if not? thats how I see it. 

So this post needs to come to an end because well it just really hurts that I had to take down a review that did not deserve to be taken down in the first place I want you all to know this I DO NOT CARE WHAT PUBLISHING COMPANY PUBLISHED A AUTHORS BOOK IF I READ IT I AM READING BECAUSE OF THE AUTHOR NOT THE PUBLISHING COMPANY. I will be re-posting my review in a few days and this time I DO NOT CARE what people say this is for the author you do not have to like the books i read but you also do not need to make distasteful comments as well. Please keep to your self if you have nothing nice to say. 

If I lose any of you as a follower I understand. I just needed to let this out 

Thank you if you are still with me and support me in this 

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