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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ashley's Addictive Book Blog 1 Year Blogiversary Post

Happy Birthday to Ashley's Addictive Book Blog 

Hi there! Ashley here. It has been a fun year for me. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be here today blogging, working for Authors from all over the world, Meeting other bloggers. and I think the best part of this whole thing is ALL THE AMAZING BOOKS I have received. I would like to take today and go back thru the life of Ashley's Addictive Book Blog. So I hope you enjoy.

August 2nd 2013- Ashley Posted her first
review ever "How To Discipline Your Vampire" Sorry that review was awful, Horrible you name it. The errors in it looked as if a three year old may have done it. 
None the less it was the very first post I ever did. I posted two that day 

August 4th 2013- The review post that made Ashley start a blog in the first place.  Thats right I started reading books in the hospital again when my youngest was in the hospital for a long time. Facebook had suggested that I read the Inside out Trilogy from Lisa Renee Jones because I liked 50 Shades Of Gray ( I read that series like five times I kid you not) So I looked up her book and started reading If I Were You.  When I finished I just had to have more. I think maybe just maybe between 50 Shades and The Inside Out Trilogy I officially became hooked on reading Erotic Novels. I could not stop talking about these books and well lets face it not everyone in your family might grasp the emotional attachment you can have from a book. So A nurse had asked me if I ever thought about leaving a review for the authors on Amazon or even Barns&Noble. I laughed I said I never have the time to do all that. Well So since I Was addicted to Lisa's books and she was still writing them I was following her Found out the next book in the series ( A Novella ) Was due to be released on my Birthday Aug 12th 2013. I knew just than I had to have that book. On the 2nd of August is when I saw a post from Lisa " The Master Undone is now Live on NetGalley." I am sitting there screaming I had no clue what NetGalley was and so I looked it up. It was a site where you could get the books free if you reviewed the book. I was all over that. I wanted that book by any means and if I could get it free HECK YA!!!! So I started to see what I needed to open an account on NetGalley. I needed a Blog, ( What is a blog? I was thinking to myself and well there was the clue. I start a blog so I did) Aug. 2nd I was approved to review The Master Undone. I started reading on the 3rd was done that night posted a spoiler full review on the 4th ( for those of you who are new to blogging and reviewing Posting a review with tons of spoilers before the book is even released to the public is like the BIGGEST NO NO of THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY ! I learned the hard way.) So yes I posted on the 4th the book was not even due out till the 12th OOPS! For a little while I continued to post here and there I even got granted permission to review another book of Lisa's that was from a new series called Escaping Reality. 
But than my daughter got sick and once again I found myself in the hospital, to depressed to think about reading or blogging.  I stopped blogging for almost two months but none the less I came back 

So there you have it how I started blogging 

January 2014- Ashley's Addictive Book Blog took of like super fast and in that month I started blogging and promoting authors in a whole new way. I decided to start by making book trailers as well as other things for the authors. The first author to help me realize what potential I had was Angee Taylor author of the Secret Saga and my first Book trailer was for her Take a look for yourself.  

April 2014- Ashley's Addictive Book Blog Branched off and Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions became the real deal. The first client to get services from Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions was Chris Birdy (she Is mentioned below) 

This next section is going to recognize the amazing authors that have been featured on Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions  

Well as you all know the Amazing Author Lisa Renee Jones was the author who inspired me to start the blog by announcing The Master Undone on NetGalley. 

The next author would be Manuela Cardigan Author of Guilty Pleasures. Manuela was the first author that Ashley's Addictive Book Blog participated in a blog tour thru not only NetGalley but her Publishing house The Writers Coffee Shop as well.  Manuela has also became a dear friend of mine that we talk almost every day. Guess where she lives. Any Guess yet? Ah well I will let you know Portugal! How amazing is that I think its cool to get to know authors all over the world. I even had the pleasure to work with an author from Pairs.   

After that I started working close with NetGalley, Requesting books, getting in touch with the author myself, trying to build a audience all at the same time Learning more and more how to blog and even set my blog up to look professional. 
Glenn Kaplan 

The next author I worked with was Glenn Kaplan Author of Poison Pill. However at that time once again my daughter was back in the hospital and I had to cancel his tour it took a while but not only was I working on a tour for Glenn I was also working for another Author. 

This author let me tell you, he had a story like no other and truthfully I was iffy about his book. I had never read a book in the category/ genre he said it was. After starting his book on the first sentence, I could not stop reading. I would like you all to meet Brandon Godbee Author of the Angel Omega Series 


Brandon Because I had to cancel his tour as well because of being in the hospital waited patiently until I was able to get back on the Blog horse. He has now also been featured on a blog tour with Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions

Are these covers Hot or what? I love them 

Angee Taylor as I already said she was the amazing woman who not only helped me realize my potential for becoming a Promotinost/ Virtual Assistant, but Angee was also there for me when I needed someone to talk to when my daughter was once again in the hospital and the doctors did not want to listen to me. I am proud to consider her a friend. She is Also the First author I was able to set up a Book Signing for and get to meet her in person ( she is just as amazing as she is in her books let me tell ya!)

So Also as I said up above The first client to get services from Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions was Chris Birdy. Chris is the author of The Pajama Series. The First book is The Girl In White Pajamas. Chris has an amazing series that I believe will go very far and I look forward to working with her thru her career as an author.  

This next shout out goes out to a Kick- Ass- M/M Erotic Author Piper Kay. She is also one of the Amazing Authors who writes for a Publishing house who kept me in the game to blog. With out Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly and Hot Ink Press I do not think I would have kept on after my Major Big Boo Boo With posting Lisa's review before the release date. Piper's newest books are the Invicta Series. Piper also just recently done Her first ever Blog Tour and can you guess who hosted it for her? You got it Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions. Now I have to say this. Never in my reading adventure did I EVER think I would read a book about two guys. I was so not for it. Well Piper is just so kick ass that she convinced me to try one of her books. The first book that I read that was M/M was Twisted Cherry By Piper Kay.
It was so hot and WOW I actually LIKED it, More so I would say I fell In love with the new genre that was introduced to me by Piper. I love that woman. She has not only helped in branching me to the new genre but she has also helped out in other events that I have done and has never held anything back. 

Rue Volley Was another Author that has been apart of the everlasting growth of Ashley's Addictive Book Blog she taught me so much when I needed help with things as well as her amazing series HellHound which is in fact being turned into a movie which is amazing 

Here are the two amazing people Rue has picked for the main Actors Names are Tyler Thomas and Caitlin Kelley. They look amazing together and I will say this I would love to be one of the many people to stand in line on opening night to see this movie. If you have not read this series yet go and one click today here are the links.
 HellHound book one-
HellHound Dog of War Book Two- 
HellHound Prince of Fire Book 3- 
HellHound Handbook Book 4

After Learning about blog tours, I signed up to become a tour host and reviewer with not only NetGalley but also Authors HQ as well as The Book Enthusiast. After researching what they were all about and what they did more of I learned with the help of Angee that I also wanted to do that type of work (more of it as I was already halfway doing it) And That my dear followers and readers is how Ashley's Addictive Book Blog went to Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions & Blog.

So there you have it. The hi-lights of Ashley's Addictive Book Blog as we continue to celebrate The 1 year blog birthday today I should point out my reviews and posts are a lot better than they were a year ago HAhaha Have an Amazing night and There will be a new post on Monday! 

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