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Sunday, June 28, 2015

No More Black Magic ( Here Witchy Witchy: Book One) By A.L. Kessler Blog Tour With Review

A.L. Kessler Presents
No More Black Magic
Here Witchy Witchy Book One
Release Date June 16th, 2015


Explosions, body parts, and black magic are all part of Abby Collins’ typical day. As the top Paranormal Investigation Bureau agent, she only gets the best cases, but when the Cult of Ra comes to play she might in be over her head. Finding a murderer while up against a hex, an overprotective coven, and a stubborn werewolf reminds her that nothing in the paranormal world is easy. As the death toll rises and a decades old crime, linked to Abby, is uncovered, disturbing information is brought to light. Abby must unlock an ancient language steeped in black magic to uncover the truth before the murderer comes for her.

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Simon pulled to a strange dirt parking lot on the side of the road. Cars of all kinds were haphazardly parked and I assumed it was other pack members. We got out and I looked around. A small trail led into the woods and suddenly there was a lump in my throat that I couldn’t breathe past.
“There’s magic around here.” I whispered. “Weres can’t be witches or warlocks.”
“Yes, but it doesn’t mean we don’t ally with them. Come on, follow me.” He held his hand out to me.
I looked at it for a moment before I decided to take it. I wanted the comfort he might be able to provide me. Our fingers interlocked and I calmed a little bit. I closed my eyes for a moment and focused. I could feel his wolf counterpart within him, another soul and another aura if I tried to see it.
He tugged on my hand and I followed him down the path and through the tall trees. I could feel others, I could feel magic below my feet. A witch had blessed the ground. It was supposed to feel like home, but since I was a stranger, it felt wrong for me to be here. It was used to welcome people and keep unwanted visitors away. It made me sick to my stomach, but I pushed on.
Simon and I came to a stop at a large cabin in a clearing. The fire department would have called the lack of trees mitigation, but I knew it was a circle, part of the spell a witch did for them. If I had to guess there was probably a mile on each side of the cabin.
“It’s beautiful.” I said and examined the logs and the design of the cabin. “How many can it house?”
“Twenty to thirty, depending on if we double up in the rooms.  Each room has two beds, but we have extra cots if need be.” He let go of my hand as someone walked out.
I’d never met the Alpha, but I knew this was him. His black hair was cut short and his brown gaze cut into me. He stood tall and demanded attention. Like Simon, he was dressed in older clothes, and I assumed it meant they wouldn’t care if they got ruined. The muscles of his arms were solid and his chest strained against the tight muscle shirt that he wore. Yeah, I wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight against this guy, even if he was human.
Simon bowed his head. “Alpha.”
“Simon, so this is her?” His eyes ran over my body and I raised a brow. I had dressed in my normal black clothes with boots. I had, as requested, left the gun in the car, but my blade was sheathed across my back, hidden by my jacket.
Simon put a hand on my back and urged me to step forward.
“I’m Abigail.” I offered my hand, but Greg grabbed my wrist and jerked me forward. I caught myself with a hand against his chest.
“You are a threat to my people, you offer me the back of your neck in submission.” He growled. “Do you understand that?”
I gritted my teeth and pulled my braid away from the back of my neck and bowed low enough that I offered it to him. My verbal answer wouldn’t have been good enough. He was trying to show off his strength, his power, and I was willing to bet other members of the pack were watching from the windows of the cabin. Arguing with him wouldn’t have done me any good.
I felt his teeth bite the back of my neck. It wasn’t enough to hurt, but enough that I knew he was trying to dominate me. The gesture felt strange in human form, but I let it go. He backed away and let go of my wrist.
I straightened up and met his gaze. I proved that I wasn’t there to threaten him, but I refused to act submissive to him in other terms. “I appreciate your invitation for tonight.”
“I figured I wouldn’t have a choice as soon as you realized that Matthew was here. You’re PIB, laws say I have to work with you. Instead, I invited you here.”
“So I’d have to follow your rules.” Smart. “If we’re playing paranormal politics, that means I must make you aware of my connections to Leviticus Felecos, ruling vampire of the Four Corners Territory.”
He bowed his head. “It is understood that you are to cause no harm while you are here.”
I had to choose my words carefully, they would bind me to the rules for the night. If I went against my word it meant that I could be killed. Levi had taught me well when it came to this. “I will not cause harm as long as my life is not threatened and I request that my witness remains alive so I can use him to close my case.”

This book is by far one of the best from A.L. Kessler. Having the pleasure of seeing her style evolve has been a  real treat. No More Black Magic read like a tv show. I so saw it play as I read it. I like the way she had me sitting on the edge of my seat thru out the whole story. At times I was sad for Abby other times I was screaming at my kindle like WHAT NO Seriously that just happened ? This book is chalked full of plot twists and just when you think you have it figured out it twists again and makes you start guessing again. To me the book was just right in length not to short not to long not to gory even though some of the descriptions were like WOW!!! sorry no spoilers lol if you want to know what I am talking about go grab your copy of No More Black Magic TODAY!!! Trust me its well worth it and you won't be disappointed 

About the Author

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance, urban fantasy and steam punk author residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, training a playful puppy named Zelda, playing with her daughter, or killing creepers and mining all the things with her husband, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or writing in her Blog Writing Rambles.

 Interact with the Author:

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