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Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Is a ThunderClap Campaign?

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Today I am going to talk about this new platform well not too new but sorta to me anyways. Its called a Thunderclap Campaign. Now if your new to the blogging world you are probably thinking what the heck is a Thunderclap? Well let me tell ya. Its FUN, It's EASY, It's FREE, And did I mention It's SUPER FUN!!!! 

 Thunderclap is a mass media platform that collects promises to share/tweet a message you create (new release/sale/cover reveal). It holds those promises until a day you have chosen to release them, then pushes them out all at once to create trending on social media. It's free to create a campaign (there are pay options with extra features like mailing lists) and it's free to support a campaign.

Your fans join Thunderclap, then support your campaign. Their share/tweet will post on the day you've chosen to release them. No remembering to share! Once they sign up it's done. How Amazing is that? 


So ya for the campaign to go live the person must have a minimum of 100 supporters. BUT once we get those 100 or more Supporters its so simple to support because ThunderClap takes care of everything. How many times have you forgot to post something that you said you would? I know I have done that so many times that I can't even remember how many times. So you see supporting a thunderclap not only helps you out by posting for you but just think about the Author having their new release blasted on facebook and twitter 100+ times in a day thats like setting a promo post up and blasting it without doing all the leg work. So do I have you intrested in trying a ThunderClap? Well I got you covered below is an active ThunderClap all ya got to do is click support and BAM your DONE!!!!  How Freaking amazingly Awesomesause Is that? 

Well have a great day hope you support Elle Klass's Thunderclap Below I know I did Have A Great Day 

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