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Thursday, July 24, 2014

12 Doors to Ecstasy A sexual Awakening By John Tucker

Twelve Doors To Ecstasy
A Sexual Awakening
By John Tucker 

Due to her religious upbringing, Tristina (Tryst) Sanyon has become a sexually repressed woman with intimacy issues. After breaking up with her boyfriend, who called her a fairy tale princess incarnate, Tryst becomes determined to push her sexual boundaries. She just doesn't know how she's going to do it.

Enter a mysterious millionaire who runs an organization that promises to 'cure' sexually inhibited women. When Tryst answers an newspaper ad that promises to make her more 'complete,' she finds herself in a situation where her deepest fantasies could end up becoming a dangerous prison.

A life-long Georgia native, John D. Tucker has burned through three wives, raised two sons, and has persevered despite being brought up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family.
He is a multi-genre author with psychological thrillers (DIVISIVE, THE FIFTH GAME, AND SPLITS IN THE SKIN), a Romantic Dramedy Series called BEMUSED AND BEDEVILED (TERPSICHORE IN LOVE, THE MARK OF CAIN, and THE SEVENTH SEAL), a young adult Mystery (THE LITTLE GIRL YOU KISS GOODNIGHT), an Adult Contemporary novel (ROMANCING THE FOX) and the Erotica sizzler (TWELVE DOORS TO ECSTASY).
He plans to release five more books over the course of the 2014 - the final chapter in the Rask Trilogy - THE EIGHTH FAMILY, a Hostage Drama called THE WISDOM OF LUNATICS, a Contemporary Romance - eTERNALMATES, the second book in the Steph Linder Trilogy - THE LITTLE GIRL WHO CRIED AT MIDNIGHT, and a collection of short stories entitled FIVE FORKS IN THE ROAD.
He is a proud member of IWW (The Internet Writers Workshop) which he highly recommends to aspiring authors.

When the last notes rolled off his fingertips, Perry jumped to his feet and placed the guitar on the chair with a gentleness that irked Tryst. As he approached, his erection darted left to right with every step. He sidled up in front of her and lifted her chin. Perry's handsome face, replete with swimming pool eyes, was marred by his hostility.
     “You ready to get fucked by a real man, Princess?”
     When I see one, sure. She winced when he pinched the soft flesh of her upper throat. “Stop it. That hurts.”
     “You come off like a tough cunt, but I get the feelin’ you don’t know a damn thing about pain.” He laughed, ran the offensive hand along her cheek, and settled it behind her head. Perry wrapped his fingers inside her hair and squeezed, softly enough to feel pleasurable to her. “Why don’t we find out what scares the hell out of you?”
     He jerked her head back. She cried out. Without hesitation, he callously pulled her to the floor. While she scrambled on the carpeted floor with her hands and knees, he guided her to his abandoned hat. Tryst screamed out her frustration and wondered why Anders had failed to intervene at that point.
He lied to me. He told me I wasn't in danger. She grunted when Perry shoved her face into the top of the Stetson. Surely he’s not going to let this creep beat and rape me.

     Bree stormed away from the monitor. Her empty wine glass sailed across the room and shattered against the wall. The pieces fell to the beige carpet like a shower of pure hate. She glared at Phillip, whose dispassionate stare irritated her more than Anders’ outrageous play for Tryst’s soul, and turned to the refreshment area set up for AnderTech employees. She narrowed her eyes at Trevor’s soft smile and folded her arms.
     “What the fuck are you grinning at?”
     “I’ve never seen you this…upset,” the dark-haired giant said. “You had to know he’d give her the invitation to join us.” He sipped his coffee and wiped a hand on his blue jeans. “From what I heard, I thought you’d welcome the sweetie here.”
     Bree scanned the room, made eye contact with a solemn Mr. Chou, and sidled up to Trevor. She pushed the button to the jammer in her robe, summoned up what control she could and caressed his forearm.
     “You agreed with my assessment of Anders’ increasing instability,” she whispered. “We’re used to him. Tryst isn’t.”
     Trevor stared at Phillip. Bree turned in time to see her boyfriend shake his head. She floated him an evil glance and crafted a smile for the hunky hulk she considered an ally.
     “Trev, he’ll eat her alive and you know it.” She reached up to stroke his steely jaw. “Have you given any consideration to the exit plan Phillip and I came up with?”
     “I contributed?” Phillip snorted. “First I’ve heard of it.”
     One more remark like that and you’ll never darken my pussy again, Prick. Bree smashed her lips together and fashioned a tight smile. Trevor’s cocked brow seemed to indicate he failed to be seduced by her wiles. “Have you thought about it?”
     “I have,” he admitted. “Right now I’m straddling the fence.” He looked at Phillip and took another sip of his coffee. “A barbed wire one from what I can tell.”
     “I already have Phillip, Bernardo, Margaery, Heidi, and Lorelai agreeing to split from Anders,” she whispered. “If you and Tryst join us, we can use our assets to get our high profile escort service off the ground in a matter of weeks. We’ll be in control of our own destiny and we’ll never have to prostitute ourselves for Anders again.” She squeezed the Indian’s waist. “Don’t you dare disappoint me, Trevor.”

 “Have you ever watched a vampire movie? The way the woman swoons when her flesh is punctured by the fangs of the attacker…her supernatural seducer?” Margaery dropped the dagger, wrapped her arms around Tryst, and licked her throat before she bit it without warning. Tryst’s cry of pain made her chuckle. “Blood, pain, seduction, and ultimately sex have always been part of history. When a virgin is deflowered, all of those concepts come into play.” She pulled up Tryst’s skin with her teeth again, released it with a soft groan, and kissed the tortured area. “Your first time…did you handle the pain without comment…or did you scream and cry like a baby desiring his mother’s breast?”



  1. Thanks for the awesome interview, Ashley. The blog post looks wonderful too. If anyone is interested in purchasing Twelve Doors to Ecstasy, it's currently off the market until my publisher - Fountain Blue - releases it under their banner. Please make a comment if you'd like to purchase it, or IM me on Facebook, or send an e-mail ( and I'll alert you when it's finally released.