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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wives of Beverly Row By Abby Weeks

The Wives of Beverly Row 1

Lust Has a New Address

By: Abby Weeks

Desperate Housewives but hotter. Sex and the City with more sex.

If that sounds good to you then this startling new series from Amazon's hottest new romance author is going to leave you begging for more. This is part 1 of an ongoing serial that will be available on Net Galley.

This series follows the lives of five rich, suburban women who look like they have it all. Beautiful homes, rich husbands, you name it, they've got it. But look beneath the surface and you'll quickly see that all is not as perfect as it appears on Beverly Row.

Holding back nothing, this story explores the deepest, darkest aspects of their sexuality and takes a look at fetishes, kinks and fantasies that could get these women into more trouble than they ever thought possible.

This is the series that is for women, by women, and about women.

If you have ever wondered what the woman next door is fantasizing about when her husband leaves for work in the morning, this is the series for you. It leaves no taboo unexplored, no fetish unspoken of, and no fantasy unwritten.

Join us for the series that's going to have everyone talking!

Beverly Row: Lust Has a New Address!

I have read other books by Abby Weeks and have been highly turned on by them. So seeing another book from her and knowing it is going to be a serial, I wanted it right than.
However I was not to impressed with this book. I thought it was going to be more like her other books, chalked full of juicy sex but turns out there is only a little in the book. You start reading the book and you think it is going to go one way but turns and twits another way. which i might add seemed good. I love a book with good twits. Now yes this is book one of the serial so yes it leaves with a cliff hanger, not as bad as some I might add but still it was as if Abby just stopped writing and submitted what she had and clearly it looked as if she was not done with the book at all. As the end of the book It started to get better and, honestly I think that is what saved the book for me. I am looking forward to reading the next installment of this serial and can not wait till it is out. Overall I give this book a 4 star
Hi, my name is Abby. If you really want to get close to me, sign up to my mailing list:
I write stories about my own fantasies. They're not to everyone's taste but I'm a real person, a nice girl, and I'm honest about my sexual inclinations. If you'd like to give me a try, I would be happy to have you on board.
You are always welcome to contact me at:
I'm thirty-two years old and live in a small town in beautiful Ontario with my two dogs. I was born and raised here. I went to school in Montreal and Ottawa. I studied French, Women's Studies and Literature but wasn't the most focused student. I took creative writing classes in school but it wasn't till I got back to my hometown and was working as a waitress that I really started writing. I'm an only child and both my parents passed away when I was quite young. I do feel a bit alone in the world.
I like to write about strong, adventurous women. They are the kinds of women I like to imagine I am, or at least would be if I had the courage. The protagonist usually has a difficult past or family life and is up against the world in some way. My stories are fairly graphic and erotic, but I also include a good story, strong character development, and a genuinely full and engaging reading experience.
The sexual themes I write about all come from my own, private fantasies. They are the kinds of things I imagine happening to me, even though I know they are unlikely in real life. They're not realistic in the sense that they reflect life, but they are absolutely honest in the sense that they reflect my own deeply held thoughts and desires.
Some of the themes I'm attracted to include:
Wife Swapping
Public Displays
Sharing Partners
Submission to a group
I hope you enjoy my stories. They come from the heart.
Abby Weeks


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