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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fifty Shades Of Grey By E.L. James

This Book only caught my interest only by Facebook when they said Ian Sommerholer should play Christen. I thought it was just another vampire book. Boy was I wrong!!! I had my husband buy me the box set because they were coming out with the movie and if Ian was going to play as Chrisien I had to see it. I am one of those that love reading books than watching the movie and compare them to each other. So when I got the book in the mail because he ordered them for me I was so eager to start them. starting the book was a little hard at first because I was sick and I started the book on Jan 15th and had it read in less than 24 hours. The book started off great and ended even better. This is the first book of a three part trilogy and it took me only one week to read the books back to back. I will have to say though I read them so quick that I had to re read them and when I did I found that I missed some details after that just for fun I have read the series 3 more times I love it. In fifty shades of grey the thing I like the most is that Christen is set in his ways and at first he believes that he is and will have Anna as one of his submissive and even though Anna has no clue what she is getting into she finds her self digging deeper. Anna changes Christen in a good way I believe because she does not allow him to just have her as his submissive. what got me is that here he thinks she is an experienced sub and finds out she is a virgin hahaha in all I think that was the best part out of the whole book. another good thing I like about the book is it has a mystery side to it as well as a sexy hot steamy side. I could not turn the pages fast enough. I could go on for hours on this review this book is the book that got me in to the erotic genre and I enjoy reading any new erotic novel and hope to read lots more there are two more books in the series that I will be adding reviews on so keep an eye out!!!

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