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Friday, August 2, 2013

Starting a new book

Good Evening everyone! just a heads up I am starting a new book tonight and I have a good filling that I will be able to read this one all night. the book The Master Undone A inside out Novella by Lisa Renee Jones, which is by far so far the best author I have read in my life time. Lisa's books are one of those that once you read you can't put it down. Lisa Renee's books gave me a place to escape in a time of need, my youngest daughter was admitted to the hospital and I was needing to stay awake to keep an eye on her so Facebook recommended her page and books to me due to the fact I had read Fifty Shades Of Gray like 5 times already and so I bought the first book of the series. After doing some research on Lisa, I found out she had lots of books that I might just be into so as I said I bought the first book If I Were You I just started it at 1030 pm and by 530 am I was looking up for the next book because as the nurse said even when I went to the bathroom only once I took the book with me and I did not even look up to see where I was going. The way Lisa sucks you into the story almost immediately is like amazing.

so I am going to get off here plug in my kindle and start reading so be on the look out by tomorrow for my next post on The Master Undone

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