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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Milk Money Anything He Desires By Terry Towers

Hello My fans! So today I am going to tell you about a book I read last night. The book is called Milk Money: Anything He Desires By Terry Towers. Release date April 14, 2013 Publisher Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing sales Rank 30,311 ASIN:B00CCXH8BIK

So I have chosen this book because for one, I love Terry's Work. Terry Towers is a writer that writes the taboo type erotica. The first book that caught my interest from Terry was Moan For Uncle. Now I was skimming through Amazons free books and came across the book, and was like WHAT?!!!! so because it was free I went for and well that's a whole new review for another day. Anyways I will tell you this it's not what you or I think. Kinda. So after reading that book which turned into a series I was hooked on Terry's work. I was searching for some new stuff to read and found Milk Money and read the description and knew I just had to have the book.

The Book starts off with Faith Henderson. She is a freshman collage drop out with a one month old baby girl named Bella. She has no father because he was a senior in collage and did not want to have a kid so left her during the pregnancy. Now Faith is living off of her collage loan money and she knows it won't last for long. She is a place getting a sandwich and some soup. when she tries to pay for it the card was declined. Tall Dark And handsome comes up and pays for it. He than asks if he can join her. Of course she said yes. He introduces himself as Eric. He is a lawyer who is now running late to get back to the office. He is attracted to her so he gives her his card and than on the back of another one gets her phone and address so he can see her tonight. If only she knew why.

So as he pulls up to her address he does not like it because its not the best place for someone with a newborn to be living. He was praying that she would consider his offer that he was about to propose to her. He had a strange faddish. Eric liked to indulge in lactating women, However he could not find one just anywhere. So when he bumped into Faith he knew he had to ask her and he hoped she would say yes. However when he tells her she takes it as a offer to pay her for sex and she says she has to think about it. A week later she goes to the office where he works severely under dressed and the receptionist does not want to let her go back so she goes and asks he says let her in please he was excited he thought maybe she had blew him off. Faith went on to tell him that she would consider it however he was not to pay her for it she was not a prostitute. He said "OK"

After there first time he sends her thousands of dollars worth of stuff that she needs for her and the baby. She is so mad that she throws on a tank top with out a bra and some paints and the baby and goes to his office again. she tells him that it was uncalled for what he did and she argues with him till he ends up still getting what he wants which is he sends her home to his house in his car to wait for him. while she is there she starts dinner and when he walks In the door he  realized what he wanted in life was to have some normalcy to settled down and I think that is right where this story is going.


I give this story a 4 star because the ending just sort of leaves you hanging. Its like ok I want to know more about them. Do they stay together? What troubles do they face? \Such as dose she dry up? I mean seriously it just stops with no hint of a new book or anything. I love Terry for the kinkiness in the books and this defiantly had that not on a BDSM level but more taboo and that's why I gave it 4 stars and also because the plot was awesome it was the ending that lost the star I hope to see more for this story soon

Kink Rating

I give a 5 star I like how it was different from any other type of erotic book and there was a  level of kink to it all. Besides it is not everyday you find a hot lawyer who wants to help drain your milk. hahaha

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