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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Beautiful Thing By amanda Heath

Hey Everyone! How is it going? Good I hope. well I am here to give you yet another review. But let me tell you that This Beautiful Thing by far is one of the best vanilla romance books I have ever read. The book for crying out loud made me cry! I have tv shows and movies that make me cry but never a book. And I am not saying that its a bad thing, it was such a beautiful book. I felt like I was part of the book you know.

So the book is one that there are two main characters Teagan and Declan. the chapters are set up to a POV of the two every other chapter starting with Teagan. Now Teagan is one of six children of her fathers, she was a love child as she describes it. her dad is the mayor of the town and had an affair on his wife and well Teagan was the result after 9 months. Teagan did not know her father that much from what I gathered, but after her mother died from cancer she had to go live with her father and the family she did not know about. Teagan was the youngest out of all of them with twin boys only two weeks older than her. Caden and Jaden, let me tell you if I was to have even one brother who looked out after me like they did for Teagan, I would still be single. I found that it was sweet that they would beat up every guy that even got close to Teagan. Teagan also had a older brother Forest, as I got from the story he was the oldest out of all of them and he was married than divorced and had a child the wife left him for a career in modeling in NYC leaving him and the child. Forest was real close to Teagan doing things as they grew up together such as climbing trees and forth not than Teagan has two sisters. One is her best friend she tells her everything Jessica. She is also married I believe and than there is Marie, she is the gossip of the house. none of the kids could say or do anything with out her telling the whole house in five minuets. I guess we have one of those in every family. Marie is Pregnant and married and the book starts out with a phone conversation between Teagan and Marie. Teagan is in collage about an hour away because her dad and step mom would not let her go to far away. Teagan did not want to deal with family drama but Marie got her to agree to coming to dinner with the family. she only agreed to be there for Marie. After that Teagan's room mate comes in asking her to go to a party with her and she agrees telling her she needs to let a little lose to deal with the dinner tomorrow. Jaden and Caden also go to the same collage as Teagan kind of the thing about being over protected of her. Jaden is a football player and guess what the party the girls went to, yup that's right you guessed it, it was a football party. Jaden is standing talking to his best friend Declan when he sees Teagan in the party, Jaden runs off to tell her to leave and some how Teagan is walking by Declan when him and his ex girlfriend is in an argument just than his ex throws a cup of beer at him but Teagan was walking in-between them so she was the one that got hit. Teagan had like several shots of vodkas and alcohol and her could get violent. Well needless to say the ex girlfriend ended up getting a broken nose and Declan took Teagan up stairs to his room to find her some thing dry to wear. The way Amanda describes Teagan you would think she was a goddess or an angel and that was the same way Declan looked at this girl now they did not know each other let alone that he was her brothers best friend or she was his best friends sister.

The next chapter is in Declan's POV. Now he goes on to describe his life and what not his mom walked out on him and his brother and father about 6 years ago with her personal trainer and his father was always gone, leaving him to take care of his brother who is only sixteen. Well after he gets Teagan alone in his room he proceeds to look for a shirt for her he finds one and she starts to take off her shirt in front of him and he can not believe it. There was a attraction that neither one new they had. Teagan not being able to date because of her twin brothers was still at 19 a virgin and never had a relationship or anything so she did not know how to act. they start to make out and (still not knowing who one another are) all of a sudden there is a knock on his door and be hold it is his best friend (aka Teagan's brother) he does not let him in but Jaden needs his coat and car keys which are hanging on the door so he hands it to him he asks who he has in there and honestly he says just a girl I don't know her name yet with that he leaves and when Declan turns and heads back to the bed Teagan is asleep they both sleep until dawn when Teagan wakes up relize where she is and leaves before he wakes up. Well the story at this point gets real interesting because they want to know who each are she knew he was a foot ball player so she asked her room mate who was a cheerleader if she knew whos house it was she said no well Declan had been asking Jaden if he knew anyone that could help find out who she was. He suggested his sister. When they meet again they realize they found each other and things heat up from there.

The chapters go back and forth from Teagan and Declan. Honestly I felt like I was back in high school with all the drama that was going on. Declan and his ex girlfriend, Cadin and Jaden with Teagan, Grace and the twins it all just kept going on until Thanksgiving Break that's when the story turned even more interesting. See with everyone blind to the fact that Teagan is dating Declan for the past month and a half Jaden saw no harm in inviting Declan and Marcus to thanksgiving for the week. Declan did not tell Teagan for two reasons 1. he wanted it to be a surprise and because he know if she had known she would talk him out of it. and 2. he felt that Marcuse needed to see how a real family acts and does things.. now Teagan and Declan have been hot and steady for a month and a half now but never had actual intercourse. Declan said he wanted to wait to make sure she was ready, they had actually gotten in to a few arguments over the whole thing but that my friends is what made me fall in love with Declan. The night after Thanksgiving Teagan snuck in to his room and he was sound asleep. What happens next is so predictable. Yes they have sex! UNPERTECTED SEX AT THAT!!!!! What was Teagan thinking In away its also Declan as well he should have stopped her even though he was groggy from being woke up by the best blowjob he had ever had still come on kids what are you thinking no matter what you should have protection. Well Teagan blew it off like no big deal see Declan was stressing saying how stupid it was of him UHHHHH YAY what gave you the first clue Declan. Teagan said she would take the necessary steps and what not for birth control and that they would use condoms for now on. BUT as we all know it only takes one time.

I fill like I have given out so much in this review already the rest of the book is what got tears from me. see Teagan got pregnant did not know it Christmas Break comes around, The whole family (except Jaden) know about Teagan and Declan so when Teagan was under the weather they thought it was just the flu well surprise it was not. Declan found her passed out in the room with lots of blood and rushed her to the hospital, where everyone including Declan and Jaden were in the waiting room. The doctor comes out asks for Declan. That is when all hell breaks lose and goes to shit. Jaden finds out about the two of them and than Teagan tells him she had a miscarriage, not knowing that she was even pregnant she tells him she no longer wants to see him.  He did this to her and to leave and never talk or see her again. At this point I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest along with Declan. It took 4 months for them to fix everything and Jaden and Declan were never friends like they use to be, but in the end Declan and Teagan find there way back to each other.

Now the way the story ends Amanda has some more stories up her sleeves and I personally can not wait to read them. Until next time. I hope you find the book as enjoyable as I did.

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