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Friday, November 22, 2013

Poison Pill

Poison Pill Quote 1

Hey Everyone!! How are we doing on the fine cold November day. BRRRRRRR It sure is cold he in Oklahoma. I hope everyone is staying nice and warm. I know I am!!! So you know how on October 28th I said that the author from Poison Pill Glenn Kaplan had agreed to do a Q&A? Well he did and I am sitting here curled up on my couch with a nice roaring fire going and a good ol hot cup of coffee and of course a fully charged E-Reader with Poison Pill loaded up on it. I had book marked several spots in the story to help with my review and as I am sitting here working on my review and re reading parts of the book I came across this quote and it got me thinking you know this actually answers it men are mysteries and this is why you will of course have to read the book to find out why Emma says this.

Well I am hoping to get the review and the Q&A out before the holiday but its looking like it might be a little after the fact so just keep your eyes out for it because it is coming soon!!!!!!!!

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