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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Punished into Submission By Holly Carter

Punished into Submission
By Holly Carter
Review By Ashley Haines
This Book was good. I will admit at first I was not sure if I was going to make it past even the first chapter, However I am glad the more I got into the book the more I did not want the book to end. For once I found myself pacing myself so I would not finish the book to fast.
The Book starts off with the main character Mistress Kat in a scene with a male sub. The biggest reason why I almost did not continue the book. But you know the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well I have a confession. I do sometimes and in this case I did. The title alone is what caught my attention on amazon and so I went with a sample to get a fill for it by the end of the sample I was wanting more for sure.
So like I said the book starts out with Mistress Kat (Katie) in a scene with a male Sub. She is very demanding and is pushing Thomas ( the sub ) to his breaking point, to the point he calls the safe word. Now just on the first page alone you can tell there is something wrong with Kat. But what is it?  And that my dear friend, is what kept me wanting to know what was going on with Mistress Kat. As the chapter comes to an end we find out that Kat is living in like some sort of house where people come to have sex. As Kat is cleaning up her room from the scene, Sailor walks in. Now it took me a little to find out what Sailors part was in the book but it was clear he had an authoritative role. He had told Kat she had to stop running and scaring the clients off. Kat told him to go away that it was not his place to get into. well the next thing is Kat is being taken in for a judgment and there is a few people at a table in a room and Sailor tells Kat she is being to hard and so her punishment is that she has to become a submissive at the palace ( another place people go to have bdsm sex) for 30 days. Kat immediately starts yelling saying no way I don't submit to no one. Well as for that she also found out that she would only be submitting to only one person Master Hunter. Now Master Hunter is known for being the toughest master in the county, and can break anyone down to nothing. As Kat was protesting she got up and stormed out of the room down to her own and a few moments later Sailor followed suit. He told her she would leave at 8 am in the morning. She smarted off.  Crawling in bed Sailor followed her and pulled her close to him. This is where it seemed to confuse me a little. What kind of relationship did they have going on? As Kat was falling asleep thought were going through her mind. Who is going to sleep with me at night? I can't sleep alone, I will have nightmares.  So Kat wakes the next morning to Sailor talking to some one at the bedroom door (Hunter) Kat than smarts off for a few but eventually leaves with Hunter for 30 days.
Hunter as described in the book is our HOT, SEXY,BUILT, IN EVERY WOMANS DREAMS GUY! He immediately starts his work telling Kat there are rules and so forth and as always Kat smarts off. At this point I have found Kat is hiding something that she wants no one to find out at all . Kat runs away as Hunter finds her he tells her that there is rules and she will follow them. He continues to ask her what her limits are and she says "I have no limits" "everyone has limits Kat" Hunter says. This type of attitude goes on with them for most of the book, Kat seems to be very bossy and mean like she is filled with lots of hatred  which is in a way  why she is a Mistress and good at it. However she has a hard time submitting.
In the end she wants nothing more than to have the pain taken away and after she is torn to pieces by the one true friend she thought she had, she now knows what she has to do. She ends up going to the few people she has been avoiding the whole book and that is how the story is ended.
I can not wait for the next book to come out. I am not 100% sure on when it will but once I do I will post and let you know
Ratings for the book
Story line I give a 5 star rating I loved the plot and how it kept me guessing what's going to happened next. One thing I did not like however is the way that her main secret was kept from us for so long but at the same time I think that helped add to the suspense. like I said five stars and cant wait for the next book
BDSM/KINK rating
This one I also give five stars to each scene it was like I was Kat and could fill what was going on. The scenes were so vivid and in depth. Honestly I could not get enough.
This is a book That you definitely need to add to your collection if you love BDSM and romance at the same time. Thanks for reading and  I hope you enjoyed.


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