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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brie Learns the Art of Submission By Red Phoenix (review)

That's Right everyone Brie is here! I am sorry that it is so over do but as my teachers always said Better late than never!!

Brie Learns the Art of Submission
By: Red Phoenix
Review By: Ashley Haines




             Brie Learns the Art of Submission is one of my favorites. This started out as eight short novels with the first one being titled Brie Learns the Art of Submission. It was a freebee on Amazon and Barns & Noble. It was also right up my alley for reading and with my addiction to free e books I just could not resist getting it.

                Now this book grabbed my heart, chained it to a four post bed, and left me with wanting more. So what did I do? You got it I got the next book. Not realizing that Red Phoenix had made the parts into a full length book I bought the next four before I realized it. Once I got the full book I started right from the beginning again.

                So Brie Learns the Art of Submission struck my attention just by the cover. Yes, Yes I know DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!!!!! But hey what can I say I did and it turned out amazing. I mean look at that cover, it is beautiful. Whoever did the cover art on this one gets a 5 Star rating on cover art. I give the rest of the book and the second book Brie Embraces the Art of Submission a 5 star as well.

Brie is a sweet young girl just trying to make it in the film industry, but instead ended up working in a small tobacco shop selling cigarettes. On an ordinary day Brie gets a customer that is just a little peculiar. He asks for a high dollar brand of smokes knowing they did not carry them when his partner asks for another brand that she does have he pays with $100.00 bill. Brie is sorry to have to tell him she does not have the change for it and he says “I don’t need any change” and leaves. When Brie picks up the bill she sees he has left a business card. She stuffs it in her pocket in case he comes for it again. Once home she decides to look into the business and is appalled by what she sees. However curiosity gets the better half of her and she looks into it again. It is a school and she ends up after two weeks of pondering about it applies and gets accepted. Now this is no ordinary school we are talking about. It is a school on how to be a submissive and it is a six week course. What is she getting herself into?

                Now it goes pretty fast from here and it’s like wow. This book is hot! I could see each scene play out as if I was sitting there watching it. Have you ever herd the saying “men watch porn, Women read porn” well I say this is right there but besides it being pleasurable it was also informative. If this is how a submissive should act and you have been thinking about that type of life style I think you should read this. I also think that maybe there should be a training center somewhere. I am not sure if there is or not but if not there so should be.

                The ending had me crying at the graduation but I knew Sir could not stand her up like that. And of course it was leaving me hanging and I went on to buy the next few books in the series but had to stop because there was too many. But yes I did end up buying the next series because Red compiled it into one book and I caught it on sale for only $0.99. Now there are two other books to this whole series that are in POV and they are short but oh so good.

 I will be doing another review on the second series as well as the two short ones. Also look out for the Q&A with Red Phoenix!

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