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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Poison Pill (review)

Well today I am reviewing Poison Pill By: Glenn Kaplan. Glenn has also answered some questions for us as well and will be posted following the review.

Poison Pill is available at all your major book stores and also in print and e-book.

About the book Poison Pill - After years of struggle, Emma Conway is living the dream—a happy second marriage and a great career. She is the driving force behind Acordinol, a hugely successful painkiller that has pharmaceutical giant Percival & Baxter riding high. But her dream becomes a nightmare when a Wall Street raider threatens her company with a hostile takeover. Worse, the raider is no ordinary cutthroat, but her ex-husband Josh Katz, father of their sixteen-year-old son. P&B goes for a Poison Pill defense. But when a mysteriously tainted batch of Acordinol starts killing people, including P&B’s CEO, Emma is put in command just as the price of the firm’s once blue-chip stock goes into free fall. As Emma struggles to win at her ex’s dangerous game, she discovers secrets hidden within secrets. The big one is that Josh’s ploy is backed by a Russian oligarch whose half billion-dollar loan rescued Josh after the subprime collapse. The Russian lusts for the holy grail of pharmaceuticals, the first Viagra for women. At the same time, a secret romance between Emma’s son and the oligarch’s estranged daughter puts the young people into the crosshairs of their parents’ mortal combat. Emma faces the fight of her life—to save her family, her company, and everything she loves.

Star Rating

Story Line 5 stars – Each chapter was in a POV of a different chapter and just at the end of each chapter it would be getting interesting and switch to someone else for the next chapter. It was good kept me guessing but one chapter I liked was chapter 12 where Peter was trying to find out who the girl was that wanted someone with a chin! It’s funny because every character is connected in some way or another and right now Tanya and Peter are from what I gathered at this point about to hook up and their fathers are in business together. I also like the plot where Peters mom and dad are divorced and Peters dad is about to take down His ex-wife’s company with the help from his Russian friend who just so happens to be Tanya father. All the while Emma, Peter’s mom is trying to save her company and her son.

When Emma Conway finds out that her company is being taken over by none other her Ex-Husband she gets very upset well that’s an understatement but she plans to not let him win. Acordinol is her baby and she is not going to let anyone ruin it for her at all she is going to the top with this and so she is excited to find out that she is being called into the office to

The story started to pick up for me when the CEO took the Acordinol and in just a short few minutes was dead. She did not know what was happing but she had to recall everything and it was going to start a panic. Emma decided she was going to talk to all the press and then she texted her son saying do not take any Acordinol I will explain later. Well Peter did not show any concern for he was with Tanya and had sex for the first time.

The way this story has everyone connected and they don’t even know it is the hook. This is not just a romance novel, It is mysterious and thrilling. The email from Loralee was a plus! It was like who is she? Is she real? Is she really dead? Did she take her life with the pills? Wait I thought that Viktor had some guy go in and poison the pills. Man this book just got even better. Glenn has a way with taking a situation and showing the reader what could and would happen if it actually did happen.  What got me is that Josh was in with Viktor but when he found out Viktor wanted to take out his ex-wife Emma’s company he wanted to back out but Viktor would not have that. Viktor had bailed Josh out a long time ago and so Josh is indebted to him because of it.

                The rest of the book is fast to me it was fun and exciting. I could not put it down I recommend this book to any one who is in to mystery and romance and suspence all tied in to one book. Poison pill is available at all fine retailers and is here for that last minuet gift you don’t know what to get.



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