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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Billionaire's Crush By Harley Baker (review)

The Billionaire’s Crush: an Erotic Romance

By: Harley Baker


Harley has self-published her book

Type of book: Erotic Romance, BBW, HEA

Publication Date: December 2nd, 2013

Lucy Butler's biological clock is ticking away! She really wants to have a family, but is starting to worry that it may not actually happen. When circumstances place her in the same room with handsome billionaire, Chuck Garmin, he is smitten with her big time. Read this charming story to find out how far he will go to win her heart!

Harley snatched me away with this story. The way Harley starts out with a dramatic twist. Lucy’s father being ill and in the hospital. Showing Lucy to have that bond with her family to stop plans and get on a flight to be with her father in a time of need. Once Lucy met Chuck, I knew it was love at first sight with them.

 I would have to say that this story is a great beginning to a great series. I hope that Harley will consider another part to this story. The ending just leaves you guessing and wanting more.  

I am giving this story a 5 star rating because it has a great plot and a good structure. I also felt like I was the character in the book. It was yes one of those books where you pick it up and you are transported in to the book, everything else around you does not exist.

Go check out Harley’s blog by clicking the link above. Harley is an awesome writer and woman. I hope you enjoy her as much as I have. Keep an eye out all week here on Ashley’s Addictive Book Blog for more Harley. There’s lots’ more coming our way!!!!!




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