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Monday, December 30, 2013

Harley Baker (author Bio)

      Hey Readers!! Guess What? It's Monday and you all Know what that means right? Yes new Author and book review!!! This week I have a surprise for you all. I don't have just one review for you, I have THREE!! Yes you read right three reviews, an author bio, author interview and I hear she is working on a giveaway! So who's ready for a fun filled week of reading!!!


     Harley Baker is the preeminent future best-selling and award-winning erotica author with a keyboard. Having been born and raised in Houston, she takes much pride in her work. She believes that good erotica is composed of a powerful story punctuated with raunchy sex. She never had any hang-ups about writing erotica. That possibly could be because hot-blooded Texan women don't let anyone tell them what to do . Unless, of course, that's what they are into! Wink ;)

      Harley almost got married once, but is glad she changed her mind. Having no children gives her tons of free time to explore her fabulously busy and prolific imagination. She started writing on her way out of the birth canal. Her craft meandered in several directions before she decided last year to try her hand at writing smut. She was pleasantly surprised by how well-received her first few stories were and is so grateful for the kind words of her fans.

        So there you have it readers Harley Baker in a nut shell. Keep your eye out there is a lot more to come!!!!! Don't be shy leave comments below for Harley and she will answer you. She is an awesome woman with an awesome writing style so please comment below!!!!

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