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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guilty Pleasures By Manula Cardgia (review)

Guilty Pleasures
By: Manuela Cardiga
Review By: Ashley Haines





            Guilty Pleasure captured my heart, cooked it up, and devoured it. I give Guilty Pleasure’s a 5 star. The way Manuela has each of her chapters start with an excerpt from Lance’s book was almost like she was writing a second book within the book.  The shorts were interesting, somewhat informative, and very much entertaining. If there is a book out there like that, it would so be in my library. As for Millie and her diary entries, they opened up a side of Millie that was not very apparent when she was at work or the markets. It was the perfect way to end each chapter. I started looking forward to the beginning and end of each chapter because of it.

          Some people have asked me in the past, “is there a character that you disliked? Who was it and why”? I would have to say if there was one person I did not like in the story it would have to be Millie’s mother. I thought she was coincided only thinking of herself and not what Millie wanted.  In a way I think that it was wrong for Lance to take the job, however I understand how he needed the money and he did say that he would not go against his rules. I also understand that her mother would not take no for an answer and he had to do something to get her off his case.

          The chapter I found the most funniest would have to be chapter 13 and 14. The guests that come to Guilty Pleasures are funny and have a great sense of humor. To understand what I am saying, I suggest you read the book!

          So the most anticipated part of the story came at chapter 15. I say that the book finally started picking up at about chapter 12. Once there I was unable to put the book down. One part was so funny I was reading out loud to my husband this particular part and we were in the drive thru at Mc Donald’s and when I read it aloud not paying attrition to the clerk, he almost dropped our card. And that was also the funniest part of the book to me.

          As Millie and Lance proceed with their relationship, I can’t stop wondering what’s going to happen when she finds out his real name and purpose of him meeting her.

          The food in the book! OMG!!!! All I can say is that I see why Millie calls her restaurant Guilty Pleasures. Her food is not your everyday menu. The ingredient’s alone made my mouth water. It was almost as if I could smell and taste the food. It defiantly woke up my taste buds and senses. You have herd of devil’s food cake right? Well the chocolate cake Serge makes make devil’s food cake look pitiful. OMG I almost had a mouthwatering orgasm after reading about it.

          The next best thing would have to be when Millie and Lance had their first encounter! I like how Lance had control of the situation but yet he did not. Lance gave all control over to Millie. He more so ever had self-control and that my dear friends are hard to find in men. However Millie has some doubt even though she does not say it, the things she does show it.

          My favorite customer at Guilty Pleasures would have to be Mrs. Belmont. It is so sweet that even though her husband is dead she still goes out with the urn and celebrates her husband and her anniversary. It was kind for her to invite Millie and Lance to join her for desert.

          The sex was awesome in the book. Not too much. Just enough to make you want some yourself, but it’s not leaving you hanging. I like how Lance did not go straight in for sex with Millie, But giving her what she need at the same time.

          So I was afraid this was going to happen! Millie finds out what her mother and Lance had agreed to. Even thou Lance paid back the money and told her he could not carry through what they agreed on it still hurt Millie and I myself don’t blame her for what she did or how she reacted.

          Millie pregnant was not a shock but the way she handled it was. This book was a great book I am not going to tell the end of the story because I am not one to give away the ending and I am afraid I would do that. So if you want to know what happens with Lance and Millie you should head on over to amazon or Barns and Noble and get the book which was released on December 5th 2013? Thanks everyone for reading and thank you The Coffee House Publishing for giving me the chance to review for you. Another thanks for the Author Manuela Cardiga for taking the time to do the Q&A that was also published today.

This review and blog tour has been a pleasure and I am anticipating my next one just keep an eye out.  


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