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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bourbon & Blood By Garrard Hayes

Well I have to say after 3 long weeks of illness I am back and better as ever so with this I now introduce Garrard Hayes Author of Bourbon & Blood A Crime/Mystery Thriller that keeps you gasping at each chapter.

Intro to the book:  In the tradition of action-packed noir thrillers, comes a crime fiction story about an otherwise good guy "bent" bad when he's pulled into the underbelly of the New York City crime scene.

Drugs, sex slavery, prostitution and murder... Former soldier and decorated war hero Bill Conlin finds himself immersed in it all when he can't find "respectable" work after his tour in Afghanistan. When his cousin, Jimmy, first tries to talk him into joining Irish mafia boss Frank Sullivan's gang, Bill brushes him off. When he is forced into an interview there's no escape. See what happens next.

All Bill really wants is a normal life with a nice girl, and he's pretty sure the waitress he just met, Dana, is the one. But with his savings running low, and desperate to get out of his Hell's Kitchen near-tenement apartment building, Bill, against his better judgment, agrees to a meeting with Mr. Sullivan--and immediately hits the point of no return... Now with a brand new Lincoln and fancy new uptown digs (complete with a live-in girl whose only purpose is to serve him, and a wardrobe packed with weapons), Bill's tasked to take down a Harlem-based Mexican prostitution ring.

One thing leads to another, however, and the deeper he gets, the more he learns, and the more tangled up he becomes in a lifestyle he never wanted. But how long until he takes matters into his own hands... And what will the ultimate cost be...

Mystery and suspense lurk around every corner in this action & adventure novel based in New York City.
Garrard Hayes is a lifelong New York resident whose ancestors made their living on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. His love of action and crime fiction, together with a knack for good, gritty storytelling, sparked him to write. He lives in New York with his wife, two children, and three dogs. Garrard Hayes hosts a crime fiction blog at

you can also find Garrard on Facebook, goodreads, and amazon. Here are his Links

Come Back All this week to catch Author Interview and a awesome Giveaway with five lucky winners along with the awesome review I will be giving on Bourbon & Blood

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