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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Perfect Day By Gunnar Angel Lawrence

When you think of Orlando Fl., What is it you see or think of? Disney World, Beaches, A peaceful city? Would you have ever guessed that it would be the perfect spot for a double homicide that leads into The Perfect Day? Well Check this out!!!!!

A double homicide leads Detective Paul Friedman to discover the threat of an imminent terrorist attack on the city of Orlando, Florida. A young teen girl is found beheaded in the wreckage of what appears to be a freak accident. Friedman learns of The Perfect Day, a plot to strike terror into the hearts of Americans by a zealot known only as Ali the Sand Viper. Friedman must solve the murders and do what he can to prevent the unthinkable, a terrorist assault on the tourism capital of the world.

Reporter Jerome Eisman stumbles onto the plot of a local White Supremacist group to purchase a large quantity of explosives. His investigation takes a frantic turn when bombs begin claiming lives.

The Perfect Day is the sequel to Fair Play.

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                                                                                            EXCERPT from the book

Zuehb Salim sneered, his hand raised with a finger on the detonation device. People were running, grabbing their children and getting as far from the area as possible. The man looked down at the odd noise coming from beneath him. Paul heard the pumps click on underground and watched as the water from the interactive fountain erupted under the woman’s feet. The man opened his mouth in surprise just as the powerful jet of water pummeled his face, drenching him instantly. The man roared and wrenched the woman’s head to the side.
“Damn it!” Paul ran forward, watching the woman’s shocked expression as she fell to the ground. Paul fired three shots hitting the man with each round. He staggered backward as Paul reached him before he hit the ground. Paul heard the man gasping for air and watched as the blood bubbled from his lips.
He grabbed the man’s hand with the detonator, trying to keep his fingers from the button. Paul drew his knee into the man’s groin hard and blinked as a mist of blood and spittle hit his face. Paul grabbed Salim’s wrist and snapped it, the man screamed in pain as the bulge in his wrist turn a dark crimson color where the bone had shattered underneath. Paul pulled and twisted harder until the bone cut its way from the man’s arm and protruded outward sending the detonator skittering across the concrete fountain.
He tore at his shirt and grimaced at Paul, his finger poised over a button on the vest.
“Allahu Akbar.”
Salim’s finger whitened with exertion on the secondary detonator and Paul heard the click before he could stop him.
    This book was published on kindle on November 23,2013
It is 436 pages of mind blowing suspense.
Written by Gunnar Angel Lawrence. This is his Second novel and he is working on his third one, hoping to have it out by 2015.
Gunnar found me on Facebook and asked me if I would be interested in his book and reviewing for him. When he told me I almost passed it up because it is not of the romance genre. However Gunnar sent me a link to the YouTube link of his book trailer. I was like wow that was interesting. So I said yes. I started the book and had it done with in a few days. The book does switch form one character to the next so at first I was a little lost but it tied its self up toward the middle with a great OMG HOOK!!!! You will have to read for yourself! OH Wait you have if you have made it this far in my review!!! So as I read on I was more and more sucked into the book before I knew it. I was Done!
This Book Gets only one rating due to the fact that there is NO KINK IN IT AT ALL!! Yes I know I was just as shocked myself that I found something that was not a romance and enjoyed it better yet loved it. I am adding mysteries and suspense to my list because of it. So the Over all star rating for the Perfect Day is 5 Stars!!! Outstanding Job Gunnar the way you have tied in suspense and action was phenomenal!!!! Thanks for the Awesome read.
From Gunnar:

The inspiration for The Perfect Day actually comes from a real plot by terrorists to attack America. During the war in Afghanistan a terrorist training camp was raided by US Military. Inside this terrorist camp documents were found detailing a multi-city attack across the entire country on a single day. The book centers around what would happen if that attack started in Orlando, Florida. How would ordinary people react given an all-out attack? And it all starts with a double murder.

Well there you have it Everyone The Perfect Day By Gunnar Angel Lawrence the sequel to Fair Play Hope you enjoyed the read I did. If you like this please leave a comment on the blog letting me know how much you enjoy reading my work as well if you want to purchase the book here are the links

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So For Now I hope you enjoy once again don't forget to leave comments below!

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