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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Billionaire's Plumber By Harley Baker (review)

The Billionaire's Plumber
By Harley Baker
Reviewed By Ashley Haines
Published Date November 20,2013
45 hot pages to melt the circuits on your kindle.
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Summery of the 10,000 word book- Curvy Toni Butler is a widow with two kids who has been too depressed to even think about sex. Enter super sexy Brazilian billionaire, Victor Maximiano, who likes what he sees and goes after it! Can he convince her that their love is worth taking the risk?
Warning: This 10,000-word erotic romance short story is full of hot sex! If you are under 18 or easily offended, stay away!

Over all rating- 5 Stars The BEST HEA that I have Ever read
Hey Readers if your looking for a quick fast read that will take your heart away than this is the book to get. Harley has taken what could be a devastating event and turned it in to the best love story with a few hot steamy spots that will take you away. Don't just take my word for it read for yourself. You will not regret it. This I promises

Kink Rating- 5 Stars this short story has some of the HOTTEST Sex in it I have ever read. It has Public sex but it's not public. They are in public but alone and I just did not see that coming.

My Review- This book took me away I had it done in just under an hour. When Harley describes Toni and how she is alone with two kids because her husband past away, and she had to do what it took to provide for her kids. I cried it was so touching. Toni's dedication to her kids is just phenomenal. When Toni meets Victor for the first time some thing inside her wakes up. She has not been with anyone for 6 years and when she goes on a date with Victor for the first time she is woken up completely. To describe Toni I fill that this song fits her best Victor on the other hand is the one who is waking her up and the song to describe that is going to have to be I love the way that Harley had it where the children were ok with their mom going out on a date again. And I also love how Victor loves the children as if they were already his. The way he describes how he wants Toni to have more made me laugh I was not expecting that at all. The ending to this story was complete I do not fill like Harley left anything out. If she was to go on the story might lose its spunk. This is the perfect short quick romance for someone to just escape for a short time. I know I did. 

Well there you have it readers if I go on to say more I might as well give you the story so head on over to amazon and pick up your copy today. Also Harley is doing a giveaway and 4 luck winners will get a copy of the 3-pack bundle so head on over to Ashley's Addictive Book Blog Facebook page click the giveaways tab and enter only one day left. 

You can also check back tomorrow for our final review. To me I always love to save the best for last and this story and the next was a tie breaker but I LOVED the next book so do come back tomorrow to see what the best one is!!!!!!! 


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