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Friday, January 3, 2014

Do You Trust Me? By Harley Baker (review)

Title: Do You Trust Me?
Author: Harley Baker
Published on amazon November 7th 2013
Reviewed by: Ashley Haines
28 pages long of erotic romance/BDSM Spanking

link to buy it alone on Amazon

link to buy the 3-pack bundle on amazon

Summery of the book
When aspiring actress, Jade Hamilton, gets a valet job at Belvederes, the best restaurant in LA, she loves it! She is mesmerized by all the glamour on display all the time. Little does she know that she is about to develop a major crush on billionaire Graham Dermont Prescott III who has his pick of women. Will he return her affection? Why is he still single? What is he hiding?

OH Boy!!! What is Graham hiding? I fell in love with this book right away. Ok so it is not hard for me to love a book, But this one was kind of different in a way it reminded me of another book I read not to long ago. The story in general was good. I think it could have been longer than what it was. The ending was brutal. There is so much more to be said with this book such as what is Jades mom going to say when she finds out she has went to the next step with Graham? Or what about the contract he made her sign? Is he going to try some of her soft limits. Jade responded so well to the scene she was placed into that Graham could go a long way with her. Other than the ending I would say this short book was great I give it a Overall 5 star rating and as for Kink the BDSM in this story was done right there for I also give kink rating a 5 Star as well. Great work Harley Baker this three pack bundle was a great set, I would love to see more of Graham and Jade as well as for Lucy and Chuck.

I would like to Say thank you to Harley for coming by to Ashley's Addictive Book Blog for the week we only have a day left to finish up the giveaway so if you have not entered yet head on over to the giveaway post and enter for a chance to win the three pack bundle from Harley Baker. I will see you all later once the giveaway is done I will post the winners on my blog as well as for the Facebook Page have fun and stay warm!

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